Structure: – the overarching sequence of events, including flashback, foreshadowing…

The novel is chronologically sequenced starting when the boys crash land on an island and progressing as the novel  During the first hunt for a pig that Ralph is involved in, he has a sudden flashback to when he lived in Devonport with his family. The flashback presents the theme of when there was a structure to his life created by civilisation and the normality. “Mummy had still been with them and Daddy had come home every day. Wild ponies came to the stone wall at the bottom of the garden, and it had snowed” shows Ralph’s fond reflection of a time where there were strong adult figures in his life giving him support and the regularity of a law. The second section of the previously quoted line where it mentions snow is showing the parallel between the island where they are in extreme heat to his home where it snowed and the difference between the two locations.

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