28th July 2017

Lord of the Flies


Civilisation – fragile

Civil/ Social division



  1. Describe at least ONE effective technique used in the written text(s).
    Explain how this technique helped you to understand an important message.Note: Techniques could include vocabulary, style, imagery, symbolism, structure, or narrative point- of view.

Quote Weaving

Jack finds that “The mask was a thing of its own, behind which Jack had liberated from shame and self-consciousness” and with the mask, he could leave behind all of civilisation and morals. 

An effective technique used by William Golding is creating symbolism of an inanimate object by using the conch shell to represent power. Ralph appoints the conch shell as a way to determine who can talk 

In the novel, The Lord of The Flies, by William Golding the conch is an inanimate object used to symbolise power through out the plot. The conch is introduced at the beginning of the novel when piggy mentions he has seen one of these shells used before in the form of a horn this demonstrates Piggy’s knowledge. However, he can’t blow the conch because of his “ass-mar” presenting an idea which is followed through out the novel that despite Piggy having the brains for the leadership he can not follow through. Once Ralph uses the conch to collect all the boys from the crash together the conch is collectively known amongst the boys as a form of power to only used by Ralph the elected leader or when they want to speak. The conch is respected by the boys particularly during the start when they try to conform to rules and build a civilised group. As the novel progresses the boys stray away from their morals and become more savage than civilised the conch is no longer acknowledged with respect by the boys.


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